• Typical Inspection Day

    4 - 6 Hours Depending On Size

    I will personally be performing the inspection and will never send a new hire or trainee. 

    *Starting at the street I will evaluate the condition of the driveway, walkways, landscaping and possible grading or drainage issues.

    *Electrical Service to include the typical On-Grid as well as Off-Grid systems, breaker box(s) and exterior outlets.

    *I walk on the roof (Not just fly a drone over) assuming the weather is cooperating, to evaluate the roof surface, chimney, electrical service entrance, plumbing stacks, gutters and any other systems or components such as solar panels or solar hot water heaters.

    *My next step is the exterior where I use a macro and micro approach to look at both the big picture and all the small structural details to include Siding, Trim, Windows, Screens, Doors, Garage Doors, Stairs, Decks, Downspouts, etc 

    *Crawlspaces will be entered if they are at least 36" high for a peliminary termite or other wood destroying insects inspection. I check the supporting structure, water supply and return lines, plumbing discharge piping, etc

    *Water Catchment Tanks, Pumps, Filters and UV Bacteria Lights will be checked AND a full underwater video of the inside of the tank will be recorded so you are aware of the condition of the liner and sediment levels. I also work with AECOS Water Testing on Oahu and have been trained to take the samples often required by the VA for certain loan requirements.

    *Moving inside the house I address such things as the structure, cooling systems, electrical and plumbing systems, interior finishes, insulation, ventilation, and accessories such as fireplaces. Every room will be inspected with detailed photos taken. All kitchens and bathrooms will be checked with moisture meter and the entire home scanned with a Thermal Imaging Camera at no additional cost.

    *Attic spaces will be entered when possible to evaluate structural integrity, ventilation, insulation and rodent or bird entry. 

    *My evaluation is then communicated through a very detailed inspection report including photos and possibly videos.  The report will include descriptions of all the systems in the home, as well as any recommended improvements or repairs. This will help you and your realtor prioritize any items you may want to have repaired or price deductions you may wish to ask for. 

  • We highly recommend Uncle Tilos Clean Water if your on catchment or need that lovely rust taste out of your city water.